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Ashraf Moorad is the founder of the Blissful Living Self-Empowerment Programme.He has
various academic and therapeutic qualifications in the field of Psycho-Spiritual Wellbeing.

Ashraf has had a passion for "The 'metaphysical' nature of Personal Reality for the past
20years. (for more info about Ashraf Moorad - see 'The Founder' tab above).

He has for more than a decade, shifted his work from Crisis-Counselling to
Psycho-Spiritual Wellness Training & Consulting.

Most recently he was featured on South African National Television SABC1's "Spirit Sundae". Click on the "Watch Video" tab to view the 10min Ashraf Moorad Blissful Living Spirit Sundae interview. You may also listen to the audio accompaniment in the 'Listen to AUDIO' tab.

You may also enjoy the CTV interview entitled "Self-Love : The Key to the Spiritual Dimension" in the VIDEO section and "The Reality of Love" audio segment in the AUDIO section.
Experience the transformational life-work of Ashraf psycho-spiritual empowerment
specialist Ashraf Moorad as he supports you under 2 banners.

The 'Blissful Living' banner, whose motto is 'welcome to conscious creative living'
is directed to those who are not only sincerely commited to creative living but serious about personal fulfillment. This programme consists of 3 inter-related workshops. There are pre-requisites to attending every successive workshop. The material and support is presented as a programme and therefore involves greater investment in terms of time, energy and financial costs. See 'The Blissful Living Teachings' & 'The programme' tab for more information.

The 'Human Potential Unlimited' banner, whose motto is
'harnessing your personal power' is directed to those seeking specific support and involves a variety of seminar based learning events. These are largely 1 day events and no previous knowledge is required. No further contact is necessary. See the 'Human Potential Unlimited' tab above for more information.
Dedication to Daud Moorad
Ashraf has dedicated his life-work to his only child Daud. This empowering material is offered to his son Daud as part of his inheritance. It was the birth of Daud that had inspired Ashraf to live and to live in pursuit of his authentic power, to be the best father & teacher to Daud. May Daud receive and appreciate his fathers Love & Dedication.