A Psycho-Spiritual Perspective
on Healing Dis-ease, Ill-ness & Lack.
with Ashraf Moorad B.Sc Hons (Psych)

Dis-eases & Ill-nesses are of many kinds. Those that are of the body are most commonly referred to as physical disease eg. cancer & obesity. There are those dis-eases of the mind eg. self-defeating thinking & pessimism. Dis-eases of the emotions include anxiety & depression. There are those dis-eases of speaking which involve speech that is unloving to self and others eg self-demeaning speech & verbal abuse. There are those dis-eases of behaviours which involve actions that are harmful & destructive to self and / or others eg. addictions & violence.

Dis-eases and ill-nesses are also experienced in relationships where one or both partners may be with-holding of love and support or being aggressive & persecutory. Dis-eases and ill-nesses are also reflected in our finances as lack & debt. Dis-eases are reflected in our social lives or lives in general by having uncaring, unsupportive, critical. rejecting, abusive or threatening individuals populating our lives. These dis-eases are usually experienced at an individual level.

There are also dis-eases and ill-nesses that are experienced at a collective level. These include the likes of crime, unemployment & pollution.

Due to the discomfort caused by these (and other) dis-eases, much attention is given to the ‘understanding’ of dis-ease in an attempt to cure & eradicate them. Organisations and Institutions of all kinds are formed to deal with and get rid of these dis-eases and ill-ness. Despite the research and technological advances, dis-eases & ill-ness of all kinds seem to be on the increase.

Why is it that dis-eases & ill-nesses of all kinds are on the increase ?

What if the current models, perspectives & approaches of understanding and dealing with dis-eases and ill-nesses are over-looking some vital awareness ?

The following is a basic understanding of what I term a psycho-spiritual perspective of ‘healing’ dis-ease, ill-ness & lack. It is based on 20 years of experience in what I call ‘Psycho-Spiritual Self-Empowerment’. This is the basis of my ‘Blissful Living Self-Empowerment Programme’ which I have been presenting across South Africa for over a decade.

I have found that there is prevalent assumption that if something is experienced then it is real. It is from this understanding (that all phenomena are real) that studies are conducted with the objective of curing, correcting, controlling or changing these uncomfortable experiences (phenomena) from people being dis-eased and ill to being cured and well.

Is this really so?, that if something is experienced that it is in fact real? We are usually quick to answer with a resounding “Yes!”, reasoning that if you are actually experiencing something, it must be real because you are in fact experiencing it.

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I believe this seemingly innocent ‘sensible reasoning’ is the basis of a major blunder.
A blunder that has mis-directed us from the possibility for us (as individuals and as a
collective) to experience ease, joy, well-ness and prosperity.
Allow me to explain. It does not mean that if something (a phenomenon) is experienced that it is actually real. We can in fact experience ‘unrealities’.

I propose the analogy of Darkness and Light as a means to explain further. Although Darkness is experienced, it is actually an unreality, an illusion of sorts. Darkness has no Source. Darkness cannot be removed from the room to reveal light within the room. Darkness cannot be changed into Light. These are obvious absurdities.

So how does one remove darkness from the room ?

One may answer by switching on the light or lighting a candle.

That was a trick question as Darkness being an unreality cannot be dealt with directly and so Darkness, being the unreality that it is, cannot be removed from the room. Darkness cannot be removed from the room, just as one cannot directly remove a shadow silhouette of an object from the wall on which it is cast.

Darkness is the absence of Light. Light reveals darkness as the unreality it is. The Light exposes the unreality of Darkness. This then reveals that darkness does not really exist although it is experienced.

What if all dis-eases & ill-nesses are simply the absence of Ease and Love ?

That being all dis-eases, ill-nesses and lack are based in Insecurity / Fear / Strain.

What if Insecurity / Fear / Strain is simply the absence of Security / Love / Ease.

The absence of Love is guilt, shame and fear.

What if all dis-eases & ill-nesses are simply symptoms reflecting the lack of Love ?

What if the cause of dis-ease at its root is the absence of Love / Joy / Security / Ease ?

This would mean that the current treatment of dis-eases and ill-ness generally amount to symptomatic relief. Is it any wonder that dis-eases & ill-nesses often seem to be recurrent, chronic, progressive (and sometimes) ‘terminal’? and that they are usually ‘resistant’ to symptomatic treatment ?

Just as Darkness cannot be worked on and removed, Dis-eases cannot be dealt with & cured directly as both are unrealities. Just as Darkness cannot be converted into Light; Ill-nesses and Sick-nesses too cannot be changed into Eases, Wellbeing & Well-ness. It is only the Light that reveals the illusory and unreal nature of Darkness. Similarly It is only Love that reveals the illusory and unreal nature of Dis-ease, Ill-ness and Sick-ness.

When ones receives, experiences & extends Unconditional Love & Joy; the guilt, shame and fear that was an unreality & illusion (experienced in the absence of Security) dissappear along with the dis-eases that were the symptoms of the Insecurity.

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The dis-eases mentioned above, that of of the physical body, mind, emotions, speech, behaviour, relationships, finances & social interactions then automatically dissappear.

They ‘dissappear’ because they were never real. Love reveals these dis-eases, illnesses and sick-nesses as the unrealities and illusions they are.

Our dis-eased thoughts, emotions, words & behaviours, as well as relationship & financial difficulties are only symptoms and effects of the absence of Ease, Love, Joy, Fun & Play, Satisfaction, Fulfilment and Abundance. Trying to change at the effect level is dealing with symptoms. Working with experiencing Love is working at the level of cause. When we experience the Energy of Love (and the consequent feeling of Joy) our thinking, feelings, words, behaviours, relationships and finances automatically ‘change’ and begin to reflect health, well-ness & prosperity.

So the idea is not to Heal Dis-ease, Ill-ness and Lack but to Reveal Ease, Well-ness & Prosperity.

Remember there was a time when people believed that the Planet was flat, the Earth was the centre of the Universe and that the Sun rotated around a stationary Earth.

Those that propagated these erroneous ideas were the ‘most educated’ at the time and these misperceptions were held by (almost) all members of society. I don’t blame them, as it could seem to me too, that the Earth is indeed flat and that the Sun does actually rotate around the earth, if I did not know any better.

I trust this little article challenges “The Modern Flat-Earth Society Mentality” that I believe is pandemic and contaminates our initiatives to ‘deal with the ills’ we are experiencing as individuals and collectives.

Could it be that we are living in a ‘modern flat earth society’ where the ‘most educated’ at this time are ignorant of their misperceptions and erroneous assumptions ? Could it be that (almost) everybody is accepting that dis-eases and ill-nesses are real because they are experienced, when infact they are unrealities and illusions ? I don’t blame us, as I would too, if I did not know any better !

Ashraf Moorad [B.Sc Hons (Psych)]

Psycho-Spiritual Scientist & Empowerment Specialist

Founder of “The Blissful Living Self-Empowerment Programme”

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Healing Dis-ease, Sick-ness & Lack, Revealing Ease, Well-ness & Prosperity”.

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Unconditional Love :

The Key to Self-Empowerment

by Psycho-Spiritual Scientist & Empowerment Specialist

Ashraf Moorad B.Sc Hons (Psych)

Unconditional Love is the vibration of Self-Empowerment. It is an energy that heals our powerlessness & affectedness and reveals our creativity & inspiration. Unconditional Love is the most valuable and powerful ‘resource’ in existence.

It is the Energy of Unconditional Love that empowers us to be joyful, satisfied and fulfilled. It empowers us create the prosperous lives we desire and attract support we require in doing so.

When we are experiencing Unconditional Love we are completely secure, experiencing connection with Source and Life itself. When we block Unconditional Love from being experienced, we experience fear, aloneness and unsupportedness. From fear we then attempt to keep ourselves safe. Security on the other hand is the absence of fear which is the experiencing of Unconditional Love.

A Secure individual ease-ily expresses their real self. Such an individual naturally expresses their uniqueness, talents & creativity. He or she is in touch with self and aware of preferences and desires in terms of personal satisfaction and fulfilment. It is part of the personal satisfaction of such an individual that others live lives of ease, joy, satisfaction and fulfilment as well.

The empowered person is loving to self & others, enjoys life & living and gives & receives support freely. The Empowered indiviudal is highly creative and is completely supported by the Universe in terms of manifesting their heart’s desires.

So how does one access this most powerful re-Source that is Unconditional Love ?

It is by recognizing that Unconditional Love always exists. If you can conceive and perceive of it, and are open to receiving it, then you will surely experience it.

By definition, there is no condition for receiving it. It is a given. This is often the greatest challenge for most people, as most believe that love is to be earned. Unconditional love is simply to be received.

Unconditiona Love is received by knowing of your unconditional value. When you know of your value you automatically receive that love that always all-ways available.

It is by recognizing that you exist, that you are a legitimate part of creation and that you are created purposefully by Source. Further that you are not only created by Source but from Source itself. It is in recognizing that you are a creative aspect of Source and are therefore a ‘godlet’ that you become receptive to Unconditional Love.

This is your innate and intrinsic value. Do you recognize it ? I do, mine and yours.

As you know of your immense unconditional value and significance, you open up to receiving and experiencing unconditional love.

Know that you are allowed to be as you are, while you are,

Know that you are acceptable while you are, as you are,

And further that you are completely appreciated while you are, as you are.

You are loved while you are. as you are !

Being in acceptance of the above, you will begin to flow the healing and empowering energy of unconditional love and experience joyful fulfilling living that doing so does.

Ashraf Moorad B.Sc Hons (Psych)

Psycho-Spiritual Scientist & Empowerment Specialist

Ashraf Moorad Quotations as part of THE BLISSFUL LIVING TEACHINGS.

I see the Divine as The Infinite Allower and Appreciater of Us.

Allow yourself to take care of yourself as your allow yourself to be taken care of by Yourself.

You are absolutely allowed to be as you are ( while you are as you are ); not only are you allowed to be as you are while you are,
you are completely acceptable while you are as you are; not only are you completely acceptable while you are as you are, you are
deeply appreciated (valued & loved) while you are as you are."

There is no other reason to feel good other than it feels good to feel good.
To feel good for any other reason makes you an addict of some kind to that which you are using to feel good.

The Blissful living teaching is BIG on Small Wins !!!

What you focus on is what you want ( and get ), this includes the havingness or not havingness of the object of focus.
What you focus on you include in your experience of reality and as you continue to focus on it, it expands in your reality.
What you focus on expands in your experience of reality.

What you resist not only persists but intensifies over time.

I can only do my best, my best is always good enough for me even though it may not be good enough for others.

What others think about me has nothing to do with me,
If they share it with me and i am not comfortable with it i ask them to keep what they think of me to themselves as what they think about me is none of my business.


You will only have that which you need when you want it !

The Blissful Living written material currently comprises the 3 extensive Handouts given to participants at each of the 3 workshops

viz. Blissful Living Basics, Practical ReSOURCEfulness and Manifest Your Heart's Desires.
Ashraf has begun a series of articles to be made available to the general public.
Further Ashraf is intent on publishing the Blissful Living material as a book for the general international public.

The 12 part audio CD programme entitled " Showcasing the Blissful Living Self-Empowerment Programme " can be seen as the primer audiobook of the written hard copy book (yet to be released).