About ‘Psycho-Spiritual Empowerment Specialist’ Ashraf Moorad

Ashraf has the following academic qualifications:id ashraf

- A Bachelors Degree in Science [ B.Sc ].
- An Honours Degree in Psychology [ B.Sc ( HONS ) ]
- A Diploma in Human Resources Management
- A Certification in Psycho-Neuro-Immunology.
- He has had arious related training in the Counseling Therapeutic

eg. clinical hypno-therapy, biblio-therapy, play-therapy etc and in complementary therapies eg. reiki.

Interested Related informal studies …

Ashraf's fascination with 'the human experience… the nature of consciousness and personal experience of reality' has led him to conduct his own personal studies, researching across varied disciplines among them religion & spirituality, philosophy, sciences ('the new physics', biology), psychology, transpersonal psychology, metaphysics and other esoteric knowledge & wisdom traditions.

Ashraf has the following experience…

- School Counselor with the Association of Private Schools.
- Life-Skills Trainer working with learners at secondary school level.Study-Skills Trainer.
- Counselor at Life-Line and Child-Line crisis centers.Trainer of volunteer counselors at
Care-line Telephone Crisis Center.
- Presenter & Counselor at 'Minds-Alive' Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center.
- Personal Development Consultant, Teacher, Trainer and Workshop Leader working in
South Africa's major centres incl Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Gauteng & Cape Town.

Ashraf has shared services with various organizations among them …

- Educational organizations, Various Schools - training parents, teachers & learners.
- Durban Institute of Technology - supporting staff. Counseling Centers, S.A.N.Z.A.F,
staff development and client support.
- Care-line Crisis Center, training volunteer counselors.
- The High Court in Pietermaritzburg, supporting junior and senior advocates.
- Business Sector, training chain-store employees.

Ashraf has had the following based volunteer experience

- The founder member and chairperson of the residential community forum.
- Community representative at the Community Policing Forum & Sub-Forum.
- Supporter of various Commercial & Industrial Upliftment Initiatives, and a member
of the Commercial Community Industrial-Area Development Forum.
- fundraising lectures for various organizations.


- Ashraf has featured on various local, national & satellite radio stations for over 12years.
- In early 2011, Ashraf was featured on TOP TV and on SABC 1's Spirit Sundae later
in the year in August 2011
- He was further consulted as part of a panel of experts on the nationally circulated
"Essentials Magazine".
- Ashraf is often called upon as a guest speaker to address various gatherings.
- He has written a foreward for South African author Mr A.G. Phoplonker's published
non-fiction book entitled 'The World at Your Feet,Your Future in Your Hands:
Success, The Quantum Dimension and You '.
- Ashraf has participated in various symposiums showcasing his work.
- Ashraf has lectured in Cape Town 25 times over the period April 2009 – Dec 2011.
- Ashraf was involved in 2004 in the building of a 'House of Health' Distributorship business
to Team Leadership Level within 6 months, this growth was unheard of before & since.
- Further, Ashraf has pursued the art of magic & illusion as a hobby since he was a little boy
and now is an amateur level magician who teaches hobbyist classes in magic.


- Ashraf Moorad currently shares his expertise under two banners,
firstly “ Human Potential Unlimited : Harnessing Your Personal Power ”
and secondly “The Blissful Living Teachings : Welcome to Conscious Creative Living ” .
- Under them he takes on various roles ( viz. counselor, consultant, lecturer, teacher,
seminar presenter, workshop leader and support-group facilitator ) to support Personal
Transformation from a Universal Psycho-Spiritual Perspective, The focus of which is
healthy empowered adult functioning & conscious creative living resulting in an
enriched joyful prosperous experience of life.
- Further, Ashraf has from his studies ( formal and informal ) and experience ( professional
and personal ) developed his own programme, “ The Blissful Living Self-Empowerment
Programme : welcome to Conscious Creative Living ”, his life work.
- Ashraf has over 50 audio CD recordings of aspects of his work available for sale.
- He is currently working on his first published book.

The Blissful Living Teachings' and its Presenter…

The Blissful Living Teachings is a Psycho-Spiritual-Scientific body of knowledge concerned with the Universal Principles of Creative Energy Flow and its relationship with Our Personal Experience ( of Reality ). The teaching supports self-responsible individuals empower themselves at a level of Consciousness & ‘Beingness’ to own their authentic power, reclaim their lives & experience the support of Life / Source / the Universe. Ashraf Moorad, the presenter of the teachings, has various academic and other qualifications in Science, Psychology and Counselling. He has dedicated his life to uncovering, applying & teaching an experiential psycho-spiritual model of personal experience & transformation. Ashraf enjoys supporting those who are committed to conscious creative living heal
(blocks to creative energy flow) and experience joy, ease, fulfillment & prosperity.