The Complete BLISSFUL LIVING PROGRAMME consists of the following 5 Parts ...

Part 1 - Introductory Audio CD's.

This part involves interested persons listening to introductory CDs ( see audio section ) which comprise mainly radio interviews and / or public talks by Ashraf Moorad featuring material from The Blissful Living Teachings. Individuals are then able to ascertain whether this body of knowledge and the presentation style of Ashraf Moorad is attractive to them.

Part 2 - The Three Blissful-Living Workshops.

For those who are attracted to The Blissful Living Material and the presentation style of Ashraf Moorad, they may pursue their interest through the attendance at the following three workshops.

Workshop 1 - Blissful Living Basics :
The Art & Science of Joyful Prosperous Living.

Workshop 2 - Practical ReSOURCEfulness :
From Resistance & Re-Activity to Surrender & Co-Creativity.

Workshop 3 - Manifest Your Heart's Desires :
Joyfully Co-Creating with the Infinite-Intelligence of the Universe.

Part 3 – Self-Study utilising Blissful Living Support Material.

3.1. Workshop Handout Materials.

Participants of the workshops are presented with extensive type-written notes and audio CDs.
Those desiring to engage the programme fully have the opportunity for self-study utilising these support materials.

The Notes and CDs handed out to participants at the workshops detail workshop content.

The CDs provided belong to two different categories.

Category 1 audio CD’s – Information CDs, bulk of the CDs fall into this category, the listening
to which leads to insights, awarenesses and learning psycho-spiritual and related adult functioning skills.

Category 2 audio CD’s - Experiential CDs, these involve experiential application, the listening to which leads to psycho-spiritual experiential benefit. These include ‘Just Be-ing on a Bed’,
‘Deep Relaxation’ & ‘Healing with the Energy of Unconditional Love’.

3.2. Supplementary Membership Information Audio CDs.
Membership Information Audio CDs are available for purchase by the workshop attendees.
These CDs involve in-depth clarification of the subject matter covered in the workshops as
well as related information.

Part 4 - The Blissful-Living Support Group.

The participants of the workshops have automatic membership to The Blissful Living Support Groups. They have the opportunity to support and be supported by the members of the group. The support includes furthering understanding & application of the knowledge presented at the workshops.

Part 5 – Private Consultation with Ashraf Moorad.

Those who have applied themselves sincerely and demonstrated commitment to the
programme can be supported directly in one to one private consultations with Ashraf Moorad.

The session leads to self-understanding in relation to the often unconscious blockages to
which one is often committed to that prevents the flow of ones life and consequently joyful prosperous living.