The Blissful Living Healing Modality

Ashraf Moorad is proud to present the following complimentary healing modality (under the Blissful Living Banner) in support of Personal Healing & Wellness. 

The Blissful Living "Revealing (Ease & Wellness) Process": Supporting Ease, Joy,
Fulfilment, Health & Prosperity (in Yourself & Others). 

Ashraf is teaching to the public a "healing dis-ease" modality that he also calls "The Revealing (Ease & Wellness) Process" in a 5-6 hour practical workshop. The "Revealing Process" is based on The Blissful Living Teachings and the therapeutic experience & life-work of Ashraf Moorad.

Theory and Practice is shared with those attending. This Powerful Process taps into Your Connection with Source Energy dissolving away blocked energies thereby empowering you to experience greater levels of Wellbeing. This workshop is offered at an promotional introductory rate of R495.

Call Ashraf Moorad on 082 752 6969 for more information and / or to book your seat. More information will be shared regarding this process soon.

Healing Workshop Poster 

Ashraf Moorad B.Sc Hons (Psych)
( Counsellor / Healer / Therapist, Teacher and )
Founder of The Blissful Living Self-Empowerment Programme
is proud to share with you his complementary healing modality …

Supporting Well-being & Well-ness (in yourself & others)

Use the Healing Energy of Unconditional Love & The Power of Your Creative Response-Ability to 
(Heal the Unreality of Dis-Ease, DiStress, Strain, Struggle, Lack & Ill-ness &) reveal the Real-ity of Ease, Joy, Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Prosperity & Health.

After close to 20 years of searching, studying, counseling and teaching Psycho-Spiritual Empowerment Super Specialist Ashraf Moorad is sharing a simple process grounded on Universal Principles (based in his Blissful Living Teachings) & his therapeutic Counselling work that empowers you to support Wellbeing & Wellness in yourself & others.

The workshop is recommended for those who are spiritually inclined, those inspired to heal  themselves and support others in their (physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual) healing and those willing to enrich theirs (& others) quality of being & life.

Ashraf teaches empowering awarenesses, information, practices & skills.
This is an introductory workshop teaching you to tap into Source and Support Healing,
It’s NOT a certification course for those looking to earn from the healing modality.

Ashraf Moorad has appeared on a variety of radio stations including SAFM, Lotus FM, Channel Islam, Radio 786, Voice of the Cape & P. Elizabeth’s IFM. Ashraf was consulted by the nationally circulated ESSENTIALS Magazine. In 2011 he was featured on Top TV’s Al-Mizaan & SABC 1’s Spirit Sundae.

Ashraf’s work is non-religious and based in Universal Spiritual Principles. He has presented his Blissful Living Self-Empowerment Programme in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Johanesburg & Pretoria for over a decade. He has visited Cape Town 25 times since he began touring again in April 2009.

Promotional Cost : R495 
Venue : Durban, Johanesburg & Cape Town

The workshop includes light refreshments, notes and CDs all of which are provided as a gift to you by Ashraf. Please bring / buy your own lunch.