The Blissful Living Support Network.  

Ashraf has been touring South Africa developing & sharing these teachings for a decade. As a part of the B.L.S.E.P. (for the purpose of supporting attendees of the workshops), Ashraf has created the Blissful Living Support Network which spans across South Africa.

Those familiar with the teachings can interact with other students in their area or from across the country with the purpose of further learning and peer mutual support.

These interactions can occur in pairings called the Blissful Living Buddies or in Blissful Living Support Groups with at least 3 people.

Ashraf personally supports these individual pairings & group should they request it, usually by providing guidelines & structure so that students can get the most out of their interactions.
These Guidelines will be posted on this site in a 'members only' tab sometime soon.

Blissful Living Buddies and Blissful Living Support Groups. 

Ashraf suggests that people who have done the workshops form buddies pairings and / or mutual support groups (3 or more individuals).
These support the committed student's learning process with peer support and ongoing interaction with the material.
There are students in the various major centers of S.A. Should you want to start or join an existing group please contact Ashraf.

The Durban Blissful Living Support Group. 

Ashraf personally hosts the Durban Blissful Living Support Group. This group is active for a decade. The group meets every Saturday (that Ashraf is in Durban / not touring) between 2 and 6pm.