Human Potential Unlimited

' Harnessing Your Personal Power '

The Following are Seminars offered by Ashraf Moorad
under the 'Human Potential Unlimited' banner.

1. The “Best of Blissful Living” Seminar
This seminar covers the main thrusts of the Blissful Living Programme.

2. The “Empowered Living Skills” Seminar :
Me, My Self and My Life ! : Personal Fulfillment through Adult Functioning.

3. The Overcoming Self-Sabotage Series :

3.1 The “Energy of Receptivity” Seminar Part 1 & 2 :
Allowing Your Fulfillment through Owning and Clearing Your Unreceptivity.
3.2 The “Permanent Weight Loss” Seminar :
Successful Slimming through Empowered Living.
3.3 The “Healing Addiction Forever” Seminar :
Successful Recovery through Self Discovery.

4. The "Creating Change” Seminar :
The Nature of Personal Reality & How Transformation Real-ly Occurs.

5. The “Money, Success & Prosperity” Seminar :
Experiencing Personal Fulfillment, Material Abundance & Financial Freedom.

6. The “Blissful Relationship” Seminar :
Experiencing Mutually Respectful, Supportive, Satisfying & Fulfilling Relationships.

7. The “Empowered Purposeful Parenting” Seminar :
The Powerful States & Skills for Nurturing & Supporting Your Child(ren).

8. The "Restoring ease & well-ness, Healing dis-ease & ill-ness" Seminar :
Healing the Cause (Consciousness) and rather than pursuing symptomic treatment of Consequences.