Ashraf presents to the public through the following presentation types.

TV & radio interviews,
Live Public talks (these are open to the public usually organised by Ashraf),
Introductory Presentations (these are offered to those interested in Ashraf's work),
Guest Speaker invitations to address the public (eg at bookshops & spiritual clubs)
Mini Seminars (these are between 70 & 90min events)
These talks are usually free or may have a small cover charge for venue hire.

Durban Introductory Presentations.
Ashraf is scheduled to present these 1 hour presentations at a cover charge
of R50 per person in Durban once every 4 weeks starting on Thursday
9th February 2012 to little groups of 20 people at a time.
Booking is essential. Contact Ashraf for more information.

Durban Mini Seminar - Blissful Living : Philosophy, Principles & Practices.
Ashraf will be presenting the central ideas of his Blissful Living Work in a 70min public presentation in Durban on Tuesday 6th April 2012 at 6:45pm at a promo cost of R70 per person

Ashraf Moorad will be the first speaker at The Novalis Ubuntu's "Wisdom Day" on Saturday, 11th May 2013 at 10am.

Ashraf's 30min address will feature the topic, "The Psycho-Spiritual Perspective to Healing and Revealing".

He will then be part of a panel discussion on Healing.

For more information about the 10am to 4pm event that focuses on Healing and features a variety of speakers and stalls, contact Hazel at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute (39 Rosmead Avenues, Wynberg) on 021 797 1857.




supporting Capetonians in experiencing

Psycho-Spiritual Empowerment Specialist Ashraf Moorad

Inspirational Author & Speaker Hitesh Surujbally -

Emotional Stress Coach Noori Siddiqui -


Thursday - 2 May 2013 - 7:15pm until 9:30pm
Saturday - 4 May 2013 - 9:45pm until 12:00pm
Venue : Novalis Ubuntu Institute, Wynberg Cape Town.

Cover Charge : R100 per person

Call 021 683 1866 or 082 752 6969 to book.

Cape Town
Topic : " Enjoying The Life Your Desire :
Healing Dis-ease, Sick-ness & Lack by
Revealing Ease, Well-ness & Prosperity"

A Psycho-Spiritual Perspective by Ashraf Moorad.

The Wellness Center - Thornton - Cape Town.
Tuesday 30th October 2012 & Thursday 1st Nov 2012 - 7:30pm
Cover Charge R50, Limited Seats. Call 082 752 6969 to reserve your seat.

The Seminar of the same title will be presented at

UCT MEDICAL SCHOOL, Anzio Road, Observatory. Cape Town.
Saturday, 27th Oct 2012
9:30am until 5:00pm
Promotional Rate of R600.

Reserve your seat by calling 082 752 6969.

Durban - 90 min Public Talk - Tuesday 18th Sept 2012
Topic : " Enjoying the Life Your Desire ! :
Healing Dis-ease, Sick-ness & Lack by
Revealing Ease, Well-ness & Prosperity"
A Psycho-Spiritual Perspective by Ashraf Moorad.
Durban Westville Civic Library.
Tuesday Evening - 18th Sept 2012 - 7:15pm
Cover Charge - R50 per person.
Seats are limited.
Please call 082 752 6969 to reserve your seat.
Ashraf's most recent live public event : 9th Aug 2012
Ashraf was the keynote speaker at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute on Womans Day.
The 20min address can be heard by going to the "Audio" Tab on this site.
He thanks the organizer & attendees for their participation -

Ashraf's Most Recent Radio Interview :

Ashraf was interviewed on Lotus FM on Thursday, the 13th Sept 2012, between 7pm-8pm. He was interviewed by Zakia Ahmed on 'Walk the Talk'. The Topic was : The Psycho-Spiritual Perspective on Healing Dis-ease

Ashraf Moorad's most recent TV interview - CTV

Ashraf was featured on CTV in August 2012.
The 13min programme entitled "Self-Love : The Key to the Spiritual Dimension" can be viewed by going to the "Video" tab of this website.
SABC 1's ' Spirit Sundae ' Show - August 2011.
Ashraf Moorad had accepted the invitation to be interviewed on Spirit Sundae
on 23rd July 2011. The recording was screened on Sunday morning,
14th August 2011 at 10am. Ashraf firstly thanks New Wave Productions and
Spirit Sundae for the opportunity to 'reach' across South Africa and secondly
those who enjoyed the show for appreciating his work.
The recording has been posted on this site in the "Video" tab.

Most Recent Published Article :

Ashraf's article entitled A Psycho-Spiritual Perspective on Healing Dis-ease, Ill-ness & Lack was published in the most recent newsletter of 'body & mind' August 2012. This article is available for you in the "Written" tab of this website.

Next Community Talk : Durban

Ashraf Moorad has been invited to speak at a BK Spirituality & Men Meeting.
This meeting is in the 'pipeline'. Details will be posted on this site when finalized.

Next SABC TV Interview :

Ashraf was interviewed by Spirit Sister Productions for a 6 part documentary on SABC.
The interview was 90mins long and excepts of it will be used for the documentary.
The documentary series will air on SABC 1 sometime in 2013. Details to appear here soonest.